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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a doctor’s referral to get psychotherapy services? 

A: A doctor’s referral is not needed for accessing psychotherapy services, unless this is needed for insurance coverage purposes. Often your doctor may recommend you connect with a psychotherapist if they have assessed you are struggling with mental health issues.  

Q: Is Psychotherapy covered by OHIP or my health insurance?

A: Psychotherapy services are not covered by OHIP. Many extended health insurances however may cover the costs of these services. Prior to accessing this support, it is recommended that you connect with your insurance provider to ensure coverage is provided for a Registered Psychotherapist. Once you determine what your coverage is, I can assist in ensuring an appropriate treatment plan is implemented accordingly and/or can provide alternative suitable suggestions/referrals where possible. 

Q: How can Psychotherapy services help me? 

A: Psychotherapy can help by providing counselling and support for mental health conditions that may be negatively impacting your functioning and quality of life. Psychotherapeutic techniques may include  psychoeducation around reason for current issues, help build awareness into contributing factors, introduce or strengthen current coping strategies, reduce mental health severity (i.e. anxiety, depression, grief etc.), can help you develop problem-solving skills, enhance communication, improve relationships and functioning, build confidence in self, and facilitate positive changes in well-being and functioning.    

Q: What is the difference between seeing a Psychotherapist vs. a Psychiatrist?

A: A Registered Psychotherapist is a regulated health profession and have the skills, training, and expertise to provide psychotherapy for a range of mental health conditions. They do not provide formal diagnoses but can conduct assessments revealing mental illness and how symptoms may be impacting your life. Psychotherapists often develop treatment plans to help you manage with these symptoms and assist in enhancing your well-being and functioning.  A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor with a specialization in psychiatry who are able to diagnose mental health conditions and prescribe medications. In some cases they can provide psychotherapy as well, but often in Ontario, long wait lists exist for related services. You can speak with your doctor for a referral to a Psychiatrist is needed. Psychiatry services are covered by OHIP. A Psychotherapist can assist with providing appropriate mental health support and treatment services based on recommendations made by a Psychiatrist. 

Q: What can I expect in my first session?

A: Your first session will include assessment into your presenting problems and factors that may have contributed to current concerns. It will address your goals for counselling and provide you with an understanding of how treatment services can look like for your individual situation. You can expect to leave the first session with more understanding about how mental health may be impacting you as well as some initial tools / techniques for coping. Often a follow up is scheduled to continue support as needed or desired.